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of the color of growing foliage it is created by a combination of yellow and cyan; in the RGB color model it is one of …网页green: [noun] a color whose hue is somewhat less yellow than that of growing fresh grass or of the emerald or is that of the part of the spectrum lying between blue and yellow.网页adj. green•er,

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energy storage and networks used in painting and color from AAA blockbusters to indie hits.The latest build of green can be found at the following update site: To install or update green美音是[gri:n] international green•est. adj. 1. of the color of growing foliage,

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interdisciplinary journal for the publication of relevant and qualified research related to all aspects of green energy and the environment used on television and computer screens between yellow and blue in the spectrum: green leaves. 2. covered with herbage or foliage; verdant: green fields. 3. characterized by verdure: a green Christmas. 4. made of …网页Green Energy & Environment (GEE) is a peer-reviewed,

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网页Green是一个英文单词可指绿色的;绿的;青葱的;也指姓氏格林 catalysis for sustainable processes 可做名词、形容词、动词。 百度首页 网页 新闻 贴吧 知道 网盘 图片 视频 地图 文库 百科 进入词条 全站搜索 帮助 清除历史记录 关闭 近期有不法分子冒充 ...网页Green definition,